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Maybe it’s the excitement of a high-growth company. Maybe it’s the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading private equity firms and management teams. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to stretch and grow – to see new things and apply past experiences and knowledge in an entirely new environment. Regardless of the ‘why’, people genuinely like working here.

We’ve found that success comes as we empower our people and then get out of their way as they flex their entrepreneurial muscles. For those ready to be liberated from traditional finance roles and leave their mark on a fast-growing firm rewiring the private equity playbook, this could be home.

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Life at Accordion, Through Naseem Ansari’s Eyes

Naseem Ansari, a Vice President on the Strategic Finance team, talks about why he works at Accordion, what a ‘normal day’ looks like, and what fuels Accordion’s unique culture.

Oksana Voronenko on Building Your Career at Accordion

Former Bear Stearns Analyst, then Accordion Vice President, Oksana Voronenko reflects on how formative experiences at Accordion impacted her later career trajectory as a Senior Director at Gilt, before going out on her own as an entrepreneur and founder of Comingo, a social place discovery platform.

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